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Industrial Flooring for highest requirements
Premix-Magnesite industrial flooring is a magnesia screed system with excellent technological characteristics.

The Premix material is made of various high-quality materials that we select and prepare ourselves, such as caustic magnesite, colour-fast dyes, fractionated quartz and other additives. The quality of the raw materials, work in progress as well as the finished product is subject to constant checks.

On site, the bonding material-filler mixture and the fluid bonding components are prepared as Premix material in mixers. This careful process ensures consistent, homogeneous composition and therefore consistent quality of your Premix-Magnesite industrial floor.

Premix-Magnesite industrial floors are used anywhere where high standards are set on the mechanical stability of the floor, for example due to forklift truck traffic, and also where stability against mineral oils and solvents is a requirement. It is pleasant to walk on and warm to the feet, it's easy to maintain and can be laid without joints.

Due to the consistently tough and hard material composition and the sealed surface, the floors are resistant to wear, not flammable (Al) and are notsensitive to changes in ambient temperature, because they are not thermoplastic.

The floor also has a non-slip surface structure for pedestrians and transport vehicles, as long as this has not been compromised by the presence of slippery substances.

Premix-Magnesite industrial floors do not generally need any particular care treatment, and keep their toughness and durability without maintenance. It can be laid under observation of any increased requirements on evenness (according to DIN 18202, table 3, line 4, and according to DIN 15185).

Premix-Magnesite Industrial Flooring System differs from other flooring systems especially due to the following attributes:

  • natural product
  • highly stressable
  • non flammable (A 1)
  • capable for electrical conductivity
  • easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • system requires no own joints
  • resistance against mineral oils and solvents
  • high durability against wear and impacts
  • high evenness possible, even according to DIN 15185

Premix-Magnesite industrial floors are applied in one layer as a bonded screed, at a thickness of 12 - 20 mm.

According to different undersurfaces we are using a special adhesive Primer before the application.

Premix-Magnesite industrial floors are used in the following manufacturing and processing fields: automobiles and parts, aircraft, electrical industry, tyres, furniture, textiles, paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals,foodstuffs, explosives, paints and coatings, glass and plastics processing, electronics, optical and mechanical engineering, printing, spinning and weaving, warehousing, workshops, assembly halls, service fields such as hardware stores, etc.


Premix-Magnesite industrial floors are suitable for indoor application, and can be delivered in following colors.


On your demand we will create together a special color corresponding to your Corporate Identity.


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